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A well maintained parking lot can help enhance the beuty of an establishment before ever entering. As asphalt ages cracks begin to form leading to a total breakdown of the surface. Water penetrates these cracks causing the stone base beneath the asphalt to wash away. Next thing you know there is a 5x5 pothole in your asphalt. All this, is a liability claim against you once someone damages their car or worse the pothole causes bodily harm after someone trips. If this reminds you of your parking lot its best to fix it A.S.A.P. At Deal Asphalt we specialize in maintaining asphalt surfaces. Our company begin its business by patching potholes almost 20 years ago

Steps in the asphalt patching process.

  • Saw-cut the bad area in a square area.
  • Rip-out existing asphalt with a pick and skidsteer.
  • Load old asphalt into dumptruck and haul off.
  • Examine subbase. (Add additional stone if needed and compact with roller)
  • Tack-coat the edge of existing asphalt.
  • Place new asphalt in into square area. (level asphalt)
  • Compact new asphalt will roller.